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A Full Time Job Offer, Take It or Not?
By Happy REIT Investor  •  December 11, 2022
I recently met up with an ex colleague for a drink. 3 years ago, I was the one who brought him into the company as he was already out of job for a year at that point of time. I am happy that he did well and moved up the corporate ladder very fast. During the meet up, he was casually asking if I am interested in taking on a full time job again, to which I told him I am open to it but it has to be aligned with what I want in my life. I told him my requirement which is 0 international travels, 0 OT, strictly local hours only and flexible WFH arrangement. I can make do with a non managerial position and a smaller pay package. I am not motivated in climbing the corporate ladder. I was expecting him to drop the subject but instead he replied saying he can create a...
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By Happy REIT Investor
A father on career break ( or career suicide) so he can spend more time with the kids and also to refocus his life and career. Random musings ( investment, kids, current affairs, TV shows and what not) of his everyday life as a "full time parent" depending on his passive income to pay for his part of expenses at home. Fortunate to have a very supportive wife ( who by the way prefers me to be at home all the time than to travel for work all the time) and 2 cute kids.

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