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Virgin Driving Experience To Malaysia And More To Come!
By My 15 Hour Work Week  •  December 16, 2022
I used to travel to Johor Bahru frequently, especially during courtship days. SGD50 goes way further across the causeway. Two nice meals and a movie, no problem! Well, I even wrote a post about how to get rich through geographical arbitrage almost a decade ago. Ah, the memories. Somehow, rather sadly, getting a new car and the pandemic put a stop to those bus trips. That was until about a week ago, when our household and the Mrs’ extended family embarked on a short roadtrip to Desaru. The Driving Experience I have to admit, I was a tad worried about the process of clearing customs and the subsequent drive in JB. Afterall, it was going to be my first overseas driving experience and there was an infant in tow too. We left home at about 7am on a weekday and proceeded to the Tuas checkpoint. It took us about an hour to clear customs, which was really reasonable....
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By My 15 Hour Work Week
Hi, I am Thomas (a.k.a. Mr 15HWW) and I am in my early thirties. Very happily married (very strong emphasis here), I am the co-writer behind this blog. The other permanent writer is my wife Jasmine who has written two blog post so far (good luck searching for it here). But well, her contribution goes far and deep since she thinks she is actually the mastermind behind the rest of the other post ...

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