Reminiscences and reflections on my experience with FTX. Why I liked the platform until it collapsed
By Market Observer  •  December 18, 2022
Crypto assets on FTX burning to the ground FTX has been exposed as a fraud and is now bankrupt. I have lost my funds on FTX, although I withdrew most of it before the collapse. I owe it to myself to reflect deeply on this event. I also owe it to my readers because I wrote 2 positive articles(12) on FTX in the past. I was not paid a single cent for writing the articles. I wrote them on this financial blog because I was a happy customer of FTX. Some people gloat over the investment losses of others. Some people get resentful when others are profitable. I do not wish to indulge either group. Hence, I do not wish to talk about how much I eventually made or lost from FTX. This information is relevant only to me. The important content is the lessons to be learnt from this disaster. Why was I so enthusiastic about FTX?...
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By Market Observer
I have more than 15 years of navigating stock markets. Did the markets make me rich? I humbly admit I have rich experience in losing money but managed to earn back enough to not be stressed out over money today.

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