Loyang Valley En Bloc has no bids (for now)
By Side Hustle Rich  •  December 24, 2022
Writing this post was a lot more difficult than I’m letting on, and to tell the truth, a lot more disappointing even though I tried to mentally prep myself for this scenario playing out. 15th December 2022 seemed like a normal Thursday for the rest of Singapore, but for us folks in Loyang Valley, it was the moment of truth, a culmination of more than 2 years of grinding effort to drive a collective sale. The public tender closed at 2pm on 15th December, and as has been reported in the news, there were neither bids placed for us, nor People’s Park Centre.

What happens next?

Right now, we’re into a mandatory 10 week private treaty phase. This is where interested developers can still come into discussion with us, to try and get a sale in. According to our Collective...
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By Side Hustle Rich
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