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Why I think this Hong Kong-listed Funeral Services stock could be a good dividend play for my portfolio
By A Pen Quotes  •  December 24, 2022
Before I continue, my personal thought is that if you are looking for quick capital gains through stock price appreciation of China funeral service-related stocks, you might have probably missed the boat. The hype around these stocks was already evident in Nov 2022 after China authorities did a U-turn on their zero Covid policy, and subsequently, there was news of the unreported high number of Covid-19-related cases and deaths. Chinese pharmaceutical-related stocks, medical stocks, and insurance stocks have all recently seen a sudden uptick in stock prices. China estimates 250mn people have caught Covid in 20 days (read here) I am just writing here about my personal thought process and how it relates to my own personal stock portfolio. To be frank, some of these thoughts would not stand up on paper and make a lot of financial sense, but they made sense to me due to the current composition of my portfolio....
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By A Pen Quotes
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