Portfolio 2022 Review- What am I doing in 2023
By Data Science Investor  •  January 1, 2023
What a year for the market. Wall street ends 2022 with the biggest annual drop since 2008. It's a tough year for my portfolio too. Here's an overview . 2022 Performance My Portfolio: -26.96% Vanguard 500 Index: -18.23% Performance since inception (Jan 2021) My Portfolio: -25.57% Vanguard 500 Index: +5.08% (Absolute figures are arbitrary) Certainly not the best results. For the uninitiated, this passive portfolio was created with the intention of only doing annual rebalancing and I pretty much hands-off it with only a review done annually. You may check out the review for 2021 here. The purpose of the portfolio is to achieve at least 10% return on an annual basis and beat the Vanguard 500 index. It's certainly challenging right now. My targeted time horizon for this portfolio is at least 5 years, hence I am not super bothered with the results right now especially given the dismal...
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By Data Science Investor
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