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Reasonable Dividend Yield 2023Q1
By ViresInSolitudine  •  January 1, 2023

Happy New Year! With 2022 closed, I will be updating what I expect dividend yield should be as we move into 2023Q1. This is something that I will be updating on a quarterly basis as there is a need to consider the current trends. Especially now with the upcoming February 2023 Singapore Savings Bond average 10 year yield to be estimated at 2.97%.

Keep in mind though that my current assessment is my best estimation of what is going to happen over the next few months. It is possible for another black swan event to happen and cause wild fluctuations.

Singapore 6-Month Treasury Bill

To address one of the more popular safe assets, we look at the most recent 6-month treasury bill (“T-Bill”). Short-term interest rates in the last 6-month treasury bill issuance of the year, the cut-off yield was at 4.28% when auction closed on Wednesday, 21 December

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By ViresInSolitudine
I am an ex-auditor. I tend to adopt a more skeptical view and downplay what Companies like to project themselves as.

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