Monthly Shifts and Quarterly Expectations
By FinancialVeracity  •  January 11, 2023
Crypto BTC Q2 was reflective of what the previous year was, where price moved one directional (bearish) and over the past two years, price was seen gradually going down only. Current price puts price in premium in relation to the previous quarter, however note that price have broken off the previous structure. Ideal shorts will likely be above the quarterly price, aiming for the 2022’s low. ETH Q2 was slightly different for ETH where price traded above quarterly opening price before it went lower (in comparison to BTC).  Q4 was also different where price can be seen consolidated inside Q3’s dealing range. Consolidation often reflects accumulation (doesn’t always mean long), no bullish shift in market structure is observed yet. Thus, anticipation of price delivery should be towards the 2022’s low. FX DXY Q4 Displaced Q3 Low – Shift structure. Price tagged the BISI on the left and...
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By FinancialVeracity
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