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Happy Year of the Rabbit and the “secret” of 1M50
By Mr. IPO  •  January 21, 2023
The Year of the Rabbit is probably a good year for banks, with rising interest rates boosting their bottomline somewhat and many rushing to organise events after a covid induced hiatus over the last few years. All the lunch slots I have post Chinese New Year are already taken and restaurants are running at full capacity and unless you are a regular to the good restaurants, you can't even get onto the waitlist. I even turned down a few mass CNY dinner celebrations organised by the banks. I have been getting more CNY goodies and red packets this year as well. Perhaps everyone is wishing for a more docile Rabbit as the Tiger had been rather ferocicous, creating havoc across all asset classes from traditional stocks and bonds to forex and crypto. Let me show yhou some of the empty red packets I received this time....
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By Mr. IPO
Mr. IPO graduated from NTU with a Bachelor in Accountancy (Honors) and started life as a lowly auditor. The audit experience not only polished up his accounting skills but also made him very skeptical about the financial records of companies. He always read the financial reports with a huge dose of salt ...

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