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Weekly Market Wrap | 20 January 2023
By Syfe  •  January 21, 2023
In the past week, pessimism (i.e. bearishness) among individual investors about the short-term direction of the stock market slipped last week to its lowest level in 10 weeks. Neutral sentiment also pulled back, while optimism (bullishness) has rebounded. So, with positive investors sentiments picking up, here are this week’s top 3 news picks! Topic #1: China’s hoping for more growth this year Data released on 17th January from China’s economy showed that the country’s GDP growth rate in 2022 was 3%, the lowest in nearly 50 years, not including the years affected by the pandemic. Why should I care? Despite facing difficulties in reaching the targeted growth rate of 5.5% due to widespread lockdowns, the economy did show signs of improvement in the last quarter of the year, as the GDP growth exceeded the predictions made by economists. Now that China is reopening, economists are closely monitoring the potential impact on inflation....
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By Syfe
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