Lunar New Year Stocks Portfolio Review 2023
By Scg8866t Stockinvesting  •  January 22, 2023
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Ytd portfolio outperformed S&P, STI and HSI mainly due to my large Alibaba stake which price has increased 31.19% ytd. This bump up in price has help me recovered all my losses from 2022. Mentioned in my previous portfolio post, Alibaba owns alot of hidden assets that market still has no clue how large it could be.  For example to give you a gist of how big Ant is, according to data from 2021, Alipay processed over $17 trillion in mobile payments, while Visa, Mastercard, and American Express processed a combined total of only about $10.2 trillion in...
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By Scg8866t Stockinvesting
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