We’re In A Crisis of Male Friendships
By cheerful.egg  •  January 22, 2023
It all started with a podcast. Sometime last year, I was listening to this episode on the Art of Manliness podcast on how adult men find it increasingly hard to make genuine friends. The podcast guest was Billy Baker, the author of We Need To Hang Out: A Memoir of Making FriendsBaker shared how a journalist assignment made him realise that even though he was surrounded by people, he had no close male friends. My first reaction was to feel really smug about myself. Sure, there might be some losers who don’t have any friends, but I’m not like that, right? After all, I hung out regularly with my JC friends for beers. But then again, the last time I saw them was over 3 months ago. And there was one of them whom I hadn’t seen for over 6 months… or was it a year? Well, my wife and I were also friends with other couples....
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By cheerful.egg
Hey, what’s up? My name’s Lionel. When I was a kid, my favourite comic of all time was Spider-Man. Before he became a superhero, Peter Parker had to deal the day-to-day struggles of a young person: Living with foster parents, grades, bullies, and getting pushed around.

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