Cutting My F.I. Capital Needs for Insurance Premiums from $131,366 to $58,132 by Prepaying for It
By Investment Moats  •  January 23, 2023
Today’s article is a continuation of my personal notes series where I share some real takes on how I frame some personal financial decision making. I wanted to write part 3 and 4 about the investment and portfolio allocation, but decided to slow down a bit. An easier article is on the unique set of attributes for a particular set of your personal expenses that might have slipped your mind. Not all of your expenses that you want to find a recurring income stream, need to be inflation-adjusted. We will lump all our expenses into one bowl and decide how to create an income stream to fulfill that bowl of expenses. You will think that hiding your insecurities of showing how much you spend on specific thing and throwing this problem to your financial planner to solve your problem is better. So they will give you an income stream but the capital will likely to be larger....
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By Investment Moats
Investment Moats is set up by Kyith Ng and have been around since 2005. He aims to share his experiences making sense of money, how money works and ways to grow his money. It hopes that by sharing his experiences, both good and bad, season investors can advice and critique his decisions and new investors can learn from them and find their own style ...

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