How Do Companies Build Trust Online?
By Consume Less Life  •  January 23, 2023
Besides price and quality, trust is also important in the consideration phase of a purchase decision. Trust can be built both offline and online. Before the internet, companies build trust offline by having a proper physical place of business and relying on physical word of mouth based on superior quality and service. Nowadays, consumers will find out more about a company online before a purchase decision or might only interact with companies online, so new strategies to build trust are needed. In this article, we will focus on how companies will build trust online. Table of Contents • Why Do Companies Need To Build Trust? • How Do Companies Build Trust Offline? • How Do Companies Build Trust Online? • Building Trust Online From Within The Company • Building Trust Online From Outside The Company • Building Trust Online From Both Inside & Outside The Company • How Can Consumers Verify How Trustworthy Businesses Are?...
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By Consume Less Life
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