My $30,000 Home Renovation Journey: How I Designed My Own Bachelor Pad
By Stacked Homes  •  January 23, 2023
Despite all the renovation horror stories going around, it still takes a certain type of person to attempt to design their home on their own without a designer.

For Ethan (*not his real name for privacy reasons), he decided to do it by himself because this was his 4th home.

“The design of my first home was done out of necessity on the account of my paper-thin bank balance,” Ethan recalled. “Although I am just slightly better off financially, I have enough experience and faith in myself to get it right instead of entrusting it to a complete stranger to decide on what I need.”

The best part?

He achieved his “space of aesthetic calm” with a budget of just $30,000. In today’s context where design and renovation costs can quite easily run up to six figures, this is not something to be sniffed at.

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By Stacked Homes
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