ThumbTack Fund Report 14 – “Huat Is Your Return”
By SG ThumbTack investor  •  January 23, 2023
That is literally what my wife texted me yesterday. I didn’t know if it was a question or a statement. No punctuation at the end. Or maybe it was a CNY blessing disguised with a word play. So I replied with a “” And she followed up with “?????” So yeah, now I know she really just wanted to know. No intelligent word plays, it was a genuine question with a typo. Anyway, just to illustrate how disconnected my wife is, I asked her, do u know if the US markets were in the green or the red for 2022? And she replied confidently: “Definitely green. Correct?” CNY is 1 of the very few times in the year when I get a relatively long (read: few days) break from work, and that’s when I rest, recharge, relax and sometimes write some nonsense here. I anticipate that after this post, it’d probably be radio silence for a while. So time to update:...
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By SG ThumbTack investor
I am a Singaporean male in my mid-30s, and this blog chronicles my investing ideas and activities. I hope to search for and find contrarian and deep value investing ideas and will chronicle all these ideas here, both the successes and the failures. (hopefully less of the latter) ...

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