How to do Fundamental Analysis of Cryptocurrency
By Careyourpresent  •  January 24, 2023
What is Fundamental analysis of cryptocurrencies? Fundamental analysis of cryptocurrencies is different than analyzing stocks. Fundamental analysis takes into consideration all the aspects of a coin and its project, from its team to the technology being used. It’s not just about price movements but it also includes things like community engagement and real world use case for a particular cryptocurrency project. In this article we will go over how you can do fundamental analysis of your favorite cryptocurrency or ICO before sending any money into their crowdsale! Read the Whitepaper A whitepaper is a document that describes the key elements of a cryptocurrency. The main focus of the document is to provide you with an overview of the project and its goals. It also contains details about how this cryptocurrency works, what it does for users, why it’s different from other cryptocurrencies on the market and so on. You should...
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By Careyourpresent
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