Jan 2023 1-Year T-Bill: 3.87% p.a. Cut-off Yield
By Sethisfy  •  January 27, 2023
Despite being one of 4 rare 1-year t-bills this year, Jan 2023’s 1-year t-bill saw a lowered application amount with S$10.5 billion applied compared to S$13.06 billion of the most recent 6-month t-bill. S$3.6 billion was allotted with a cut-off yield 3.87% p.a, also notably lower than the preceding 6-month t-bill which had a 4% p.a. yield. Allotment results Non-competitive applications were 100% allotted at the 3.87% p.a. rate. Competitive bids above this yield got nothing, and competitive bids under 3.87% are allotted fully. Tap here to read more about how bidding works. Seth Tap here for a bunch of places to put savings for higher returns! Pros and cons of 1-year t-bills 1-year t-bills are more convenient than 6-month ones because you just need one application as opposed to 2 for a period of 12 months. This is particularly relevant for those who use their CPF to buy t-bills since no bank has yet to allow online application of t-bills via CPF....
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By Sethisfy
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