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Singapore Savings Bond February 2023: Trend of Oversubscription Ends
By Sethisfy  •  January 27, 2023
Ending a streak of oversubscribed Singapore Savings Bonds (SSB), February 2023’s SSB (GX23020X) sees only S$477.1 million applied out of the S$700 million offered. This trend was barely hanging on last month with an oversubscription of just 1% above the amount offered. No ceiling amount – first time since May 2022 For the first time in months, there is no ceiling amount. Aside from a total cap of S$200,000 cap across all Singapore Savings Bonds per individual, applicants would be allotted whatever amount they applied for. Don’t miss HSBC’s S$300 offer ending 31st January 2023! Plus: S$320 sign-up gift for StanChart Smart Card with no minimum spend! Ends 31st January 2023 Rates have not been attractive in recent months Given how t-bills have been offering around 4% p.a. and fixed deposits as high as 4.28% p.a. (or even a mythical 4.4% which is now gone), the relative unpopularity of this month’s SSB is to be expected....
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By Sethisfy
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