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Best Savings Accounts That Give You High Returns
By ValueChampion  •  February 3, 2023
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Savings accounts have made a resurgence in today’s era of high interest rates. Banks across the board have increased their interest rates for their savings accounts to levels we haven’t seen in years. With the vast number of different savings accounts out there that offer different promotional rates, you might be confused as to which savings account will best suit your needs. We break down three of the most attractive savings accounts for the average young working adult in Singapore so that you are able to make a more informed decision about how to best maximise your savings. For the ease of comparison, we shall assume the profile of an average Singaporean early-career working adult, who:
Has an account balance of at least S$10,000 Has at least S$2,000 of salary credited into their savings account every month after CPF contributions Spends
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By ValueChampion
We distill sprawling marketplaces—for insurance, credit cards, bank accounts, and more—down to choices that represent a sweet spot for value—as in offering the features, returns, or experience we think you need for the smallest outlay. We ask: Is the return on a particular purchase or decision worth the cost or risk of that option, and how does the choice stack up against other options?

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