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Trevor Noah Explaining CPF
By Investment Stab  •  February 12, 2023
Trevor Noah explaining CPF - generated response by ChatGPT. Who is Trevor Noah? He is a South African comedian and television host; best known as the host of "The Daily Show," a satirical news program that offers a humorous take on current events. And sure we would like for the real Noah to explain it to us, but the ChatGPT version would do just fine. In fact, after reading what ChatGPT generated, we must say, we are quite impressed because we can completely visualise Noah describing CPF in almost the same way ChatGPT responded. It was so convincing that we asked for 2 different versions of how Noah would describe it. Below are the responses generated by ChatGPT: Recommended Read: What I Learnt During My 1-Year SGUnited Traineeship - Part 1 Version 1: Ladies and gentlemen, I have to say, the Central Provident Fund in Singapore, it's a unique beast. It's a savings plan for the future, and it's mandatory....
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By Investment Stab
We are a group of Singaporean students who are curious and interested in Finance. As we dive deeper into this area in search of more knowledge, the more debates and differences we have. We also realised that financial literacy is not strongly inculcated in the younger generations, leading to numerous costly mistakes. Some of such includes believing in "high profiting" scams such as land banking and buying unnecessary investment schemes which are often motivated by the salesperson's personal interest ...

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