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Part 1: Using ChatGPT to help with projecting Financial Freedom numbers
By Alpaca Investments  •  February 25, 2023
This will be the first of a 4-part series which explains the different concepts covered in the Excel financial freedom template that I have created. I used ChatGPT to help with writing some of the excel formulas and macros. The template allows me to project how much I would need to invest to achieve financial freedom, based on different assumptions on investment returns, volatility, saving rates, inflation and expected salary growth. There are also different scenarios built in to the template, which allows me to account for various market environment, such as stagflation, which has high inflation and lower returns, and easy money (QE), with low inflation and higher returns. I was curious to find out the likelihood of an average income fresh grad ($4.2k SGD in 2022) achieving financial freedom. Thought it would be interesting to share the results here. The FI targets for this person (25 years...
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By Alpaca Investments
I'm currently an undergraduate studying accountancy in one of the local universities. My ideal career would be either in private equity or venture capital, as the analytical process involved greatly interests me. I believe in working hard, while concurrently putting our money to work. I currently have a low five-figures portfolio, accumulated from working part-time jobs, my National Service allowance and my savings.

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