ChatGPT says ‘No’ to NCMP Land Sales Proposal
By Investment Stab  •  March 5, 2023
In the recent budget debate, NCMP Hazel Poa proposed an alternative source of revenue to be added to Singapore's yearly budget. Current Framework (CF):
  • Keep proceeds from land sales in reserves and invest them.
  • Allow up to 50% of investment returns generated from the proceeds to be spent in the budget under the NIRC.
Alternative Proposal (AP):
  • Land sale proceeds are dividend equally over its lease period, with each portion added into the corresponding year's budget as revenue.
  • Invest the unused portion of the proceeds in reserves, with up to 50% of the investment returns allowed to be spent under the NRIC.
Needless to say, DPM Lawrence Wong rejected the proposal, citing that over the long term, the AP does not generate returns very different from the CF. Recommended Read: Why We Still Need Insurance Agent Introducing, ChatGPT We figured, rather than rely on our brains, let's rely on an AI. Hence we pit the CF against the AP in ChatGPT....
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By Investment Stab
We are a group of Singaporean students who are curious and interested in Finance. As we dive deeper into this area in search of more knowledge, the more debates and differences we have. We also realised that financial literacy is not strongly inculcated in the younger generations, leading to numerous costly mistakes. Some of such includes believing in "high profiting" scams such as land banking and buying unnecessary investment schemes which are often motivated by the salesperson's personal interest ...

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