Things I wish I knew as homebuyers 15 years ago
By Property Soul  •  March 9, 2023
It has been two years since clients came to me for one-to-one property consultation sessions. Different homebuyers have different personal circumstances and housing needs. Some know better than others. Some are more prepared to buy. No matter which stage they are in, I thoroughly enjoy answering their questions and sharing my knowledge. It is satisfying to see that, at the end of the session, they are better informed, enlightened, or given food for thought. “In general, they all want to know three things – whether they should buy a particular condominium project, whether they can afford to buy, and whether this is a good time to buy. – “Can you really afford that property?”,

Size matters for homebuyers now but …

After what we have been through in this 3-year pandemic, homebuyers are looking for more spacious homes. These days everyone demands more personal space and privacy. We need a bigger place to support working from...
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By Property Soul
I have developed a strong passion for properties since young. In my 20s, I was relocated to Singapore where I bought my first condominium unit at the end of 2002. I added four more to my property portfolio in 4 ½ years’ time. I never expected their total value could be doubled in just a few years.

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