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A closer look at Sea Limited Q4 Earnings: Is this a good time to buy?
By Learn To Invest  •  March 11, 2023
Lockdowns have become the new norm as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Physical purchases of goods have increasingly become something of the past. Businesses and customers are becoming “more digital” as they provide and buy more products and services online. According to Statista, ecommerce will account for 20% of all global retail trade in 2022, up from 14% in 2019. One company that has greatly benefited from this trend is Sea Limited (NYSE:SE). It is one of the largest e-commerce and digital entertainment platforms in ASEAN. Over the pandemic period, it has seen its revenue increase by more than threefold. Despite significant growth in revenue, the company has had trouble turning a profit. This is partly attributed to high operating expenses, rising interest rates, and low e-commerce profit margins. As a result, many would say that 2022 was not a fantastic year for Sea Limited investors. The stock has declined by over 70% in 2022 alone....
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By Learn To Invest
Not an investment genius, but someone who is learning and sharing my findings on personal finance and investing. I have amassed my knowledge through internships, amazing mentors and books. I developed this blog to document my investment path and demonstrate to the general public that anyone can learn to manage and increase their own money with the right framework of investing and thinking. In that spirit, I intend to share my thoughts and opinions as open as possible in this blog. Because of familiarity and my knowledge with the SG companies, I began my investing in SG markets in 2019. I eventually expanded to invest in the Hong Kong and the United States markets.

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