5 Best Maternity & Pregnancy Insurance Plans in Singapore
By Singapore Financial Planners  •  March 15, 2023
It is truly a blessing when a mother brings a child into this world. But at times, unexpected complications may arise during the pregnancy or delivery that affect both mother and the child. These can become very costly and may be a heavy financial burden — especially for new parents. And although Medishield Life or Integrated Shield Plans (IPs) may offer maternity coverage to a certain extent, most parents cannot help but wonder if other insurance plans can provide more comprehensive protection when it comes to their precious one. This is where maternity insurance plans come into the picture, as they provide a suitable complement to these limited coverages and to offset any additional expenses. But with many maternity insurance plans on the market, how do you pick the best option? Read on to find out. Comparing The Best Maternity Insurance Plans in Singapore First of all, you need to know that there are 2 types of maternity insurance plans...
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By Singapore Financial Planners
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