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Manulife US REIT High Gearing Ratio Crisis To Be Averted With Entry of New Sponsor- Korean Mirae Asset Global Investments.
By Investment Income for Life  •  March 15, 2023
First and foremost, I am vested in Manulife US REIT ("MUST") and I do have mixed feelings over the recent development. Basically, on 15th March 2023, MUST confirmed media reports leaking out earlier news of the potential entry of Mirae Asset Global Investments and a potential sales of stake in MUST Manager as well as a private placement in MUST itself. I was a bit disappointed as I thought that MUST would either sell off 1 or 2 office buildings or even dispose the entire portfolio of office assets- these would be the most value adding options on the table for current unitholders of MUST as it is currently trading at a 50% discount off its Net Asset Value ("NAV") per unit.
  1. Why I do not like the entry of Mirae Asset Global Investments into MUST It sure looks to me that the original sponsor, The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company (Manulife), is bailing out
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By Investment Income for Life
I am an Accountant by training and is currently working in a global MNC in the Supply Chain industry. During my free time, I enjoy reading up on topics such as stock investing, insurance planning and property investment. Since 2012, I have started penning down my thoughts on certain financial matters while striving to achieve financial independence.

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