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DigiCore REIT Sudden Plunge of Over 13% In A Single Day- Should Retail Investors Be Worried And Run For The Exit?
By Investment Income for Life  •  March 16, 2023
DigiCore REIT suddenly self-imploded today and crashed from US$0.495 on previous trading day (15 March 2023) to as low as US$0.420 per unit during the trading session on 16 March 2023 itself which represented a sharp decline of <15.2%> within a single day as well as a 52 weeks stunning low record. Its strong performance in Q1 2023 ended with a high of US$0.680 per unit on 3rd February 2023 and then collapsed spectacularly within a span of 1 month by a whopping <38.2%>. At this price, Digicore REIT will be trading at an impressive distribution yield of 8.85% per annum. Whatever happened to DigiCore REIT? What happened to DigiCore REIT? The strange thing is that nothing major has been announced by management of DigiCore REIT. I have also searched major forums but seems that everyone is also wondering what major calamity had transpired and is equally clueless. I can only conclude that the relentless rate hikes from the Federal Reserve plus...
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By Investment Income for Life
I am an Accountant by training and is currently working in a global MNC in the Supply Chain industry. During my free time, I enjoy reading up on topics such as stock investing, insurance planning and property investment. Since 2012, I have started penning down my thoughts on certain financial matters while striving to achieve financial independence.

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