Webull: Spend $0.01 and earn US$50 to US$500 for free!
By Careyourpresent  •  March 18, 2023
Welcome Free Money Free money that comes from minimal effort. Everyone loves it. So, do you? As mentioned in my blog many times, I would only share things that I am using. Recently there are many people sharing about this promotion – Spend $0.01 and earn US$50 to US$500 for free! This is basically the most recent promotion by Webull until 31 March 2023! The best part is you can deposit any amount ($0.01 will do!) and get 5 free shares if you hold this amount for 30 days. This is the best promotion that Webull has so far since they onboard Singapore’s shore months ago. Original I didn’t want to sign up another brokerage account, but this is simply too attractive. Usually, I would like to test any new account with small sum first before actually using it. If you refer to the promotion by other brokerages (even the early promotion by Webull), the...
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By Careyourpresent
My name is Edmond Ng and I am 39 years old in year 2022. I am the founder of Careyourpresent site. I am a believer of Caring your Present and treasuring your time with your love ones. Most of the time we are busy with work, spending your precious time pursuing something which you don’t like but have to do in order to earn a living. Hence, please Love and Care for your PRESENT!

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