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7 Ways To Reduce Your Personal Income Tax — Legally
By Planner Bee  •  March 19, 2023
With tax season coming, it is a great time to go through your past year’s income and look at tax relief schemes that will help you save money. A change in your personal life, such as getting married or having a kid, can make certain deductions relevant in the new year. Or there may be schemes you did not know of before that are actually applicable to you. Here are some of the tax reliefs that could help reduce your tax burden. Income Tax Rates in Singapore According to the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS), you are a tax resident in Singapore if you are a:
  1. Singapore Citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident who resides in Singapore except for temporary absences; or
  2. Foreigner who has stayed or worked in Singapore:
  3. For at least 183 days in the previous calendar year; or
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By Planner Bee
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