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Is it still worth it to work in tech?
By Jeraldine Phneah Official Website  •  March 19, 2023
One of the common questions I get these days is “Is it still worth it to work in tech given the bloodbath of layoffs?” This was a topic of discussion in my recent chat with Youtuber Kelvin Learns Investing who used to be a software engineer. We met at Dawson last week for filming and breakfast. Over the past few years, there were an influx of people wanting to “break into tech”. At some point over the past 5-10 years, tech jobs became “high paying”, “fun”, “lots of perks”, “free food”, “great benefits”, and “massive equity upside.” There were much more roles than workers available. Big Tech companies have competed on pay and perks to lure workers in a tight labor market. The tech industry jobs were seen as “high paying” with “good benefits” and “good work life balance”. Tiktok influencers began showing off how much they earned; company perks; branded bags they bought; opportunities to fly business...
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By Jeraldine Phneah Official Website
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