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By Jeff Sun Trading  •  March 23, 2023
Major indexes reacted +ve to FOMC Summary of Economic Projections, reflecting a possibility of a pause in rate hikes sooner than later. The +ve sentiment shifted abruptly during the live Q&A as Fed Chair Powell acknowledged his belief that ongoing events in the banking groups reduce the possibility of a soft landing for the economy. Sizable broad based selloff accelerated to close. Market with technical bear flag setup remains severely under pressure. $RSP -2.3%, $EQAL -2.4% $KBE -5.2% $KRE -5.7% $OIH -3.5% Thanks for reading. PS: If you enjoy the above curated article, you may follow me on twitter (@jeffsuntrading) to get daily market diary, trading ideas and market updates. 23/3/2023 Market Diary -Indexes reacted +ve to FOMC Summary of Economic Projection, possibility of a pause in rate hike ahead -Sentiment shifted abruptly at live Q&A, Fed Chair acknowledged ongoing events in $KBE grp not helpful -Bear...
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By Jeff Sun Trading
Jeff Sun is a independent trader, an accredited investor (Securities and Futures Act, Singapore), and an avid private/public equity real estate, and specialist builder engineering firms investor, with Certified Financial Technician (CFTe) accreditation by the International Federation of Technical Analyst; and graduand of (with distinction) Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management.

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