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Deal: Samsonite Prestige Suitcase for New HSBC Cardholders; S$50 For Existing Cardholders
By Sethisfy  •  March 24, 2023
Don’t have a HSBC card yet? You can get a Samonsite Prestige Suitcase (worth S$600) when you sign up for an eligible card below. If you don’t need a luggage, you can also opt for S$200 cashback instead, although HSBC does go up to S$300 sometimes for their credit card deals. If you’re an existing cardholder, you can also get S$50. Deals have gradually removed rewards for existing cardholders in recent recent years, so this is pretty generous as far as rewards go. Card to choose HSBC Revolution is a great card for people who are lazy to use multiple cards and can’t quite choose between miles or cashback yet. It gives a good 4 miles per dollar earn rate if you’re into miles, or 2.5% cashback if you eventually decide you’re not into the miles game. Otherwise, HSBC Advance is a straightfoward card that gives you up to 3.5% cashback depending on your spend amount. Review will come soon so subscribe to the Telegram!...
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By Sethisfy
When I was a kid, people told me that I’d miss being a student once I became an adult and had grownup responsibilities. I’d start missing exams when I had to go to work. I’d miss having pocket money when I have to pay my taxes. Been an adult for a decade now and I think… I like it. I’m never going back to being a kid again!

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