SRS Portfolio – 26 March 2023 + Moore’s Law
By Mr. IPO  •  March 26, 2023
The SRS portfolio received $770 of distribution from AIMS APAC REIT on 24 March 2023. The portfolio value improved from $350k in my previous update to $355k. AIMS enjoys a high occupancy rate of more than 97% and is pretty well managed. The DPU grew by 10.2% over the same quarter the year before and is currently trading at a yield of more than 7.8%. Nothing that I should be concerned about at this juncture. Moore's Law I am sure you have heard of Murphy's law, but have you heard of Moore's Law? Anyway, he just passed away on 24 March and he was a co-founder at Intel. In 1965, six years after the invention of the transistor, Moore forecast in a magazine article that the number of transistors and other components on a chip would double every year for the next decade. The prediction, dubbed Moore's Law by an Intel colleague, has come to exemplify the onrush of technological advance ever since....
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By Mr. IPO
Mr. IPO graduated from NTU with a Bachelor in Accountancy (Honors) and started life as a lowly auditor. The audit experience not only polished up his accounting skills but also made him very skeptical about the financial records of companies. He always read the financial reports with a huge dose of salt ...

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