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STI Analysis — the next peak and trough ? (115)
By ccloh Strategic Investor Zone  •  March 26, 2023
Continued from STI Analysis -- the next peak and trough ? (114) FTSE STI closed at 3,212.64 for the week ended 24th Mar 2023. Magenta -- STI Positive After hitting an intra-day low of 3,094.28, STI rebounded for the week.  The rebound looks strongly like the B wave of the zigzag for either Intermediate wave ((a)) or Intermediate wave ((c)) of Primary wave 2 for the positive scenario.  As such, obviously the rebound shall be capped and upside limited going forward.  With next week being the last week for 1Q 2023, quarterly window dressing from funds should have no problem pushing the index up.  Thereafter, the trajectory should continue on the downside for this scenario. Green -- STI Negative As usual, the negative scenario still largely intact and yet to be invalidated in which STI is in Primary wave A of Cycle wave (C) of SuperCycle wave ((C))....
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By ccloh Strategic Investor Zone
Am a typical retail investor who started investing in stock market in 1993, the same length of period as SingTel was listed in SGX and ironically SingTel was my first vested stock. Back then was a passive investor and started to turn more active in stock market in 2006. A year later when I switched my engineering job to a finance related one, I became what commonly known as trader ( trade for living ) and at the same time also strongly believe in fundamental/value investing that is the way to growth wealth. In a way I classify myself as a "Strategic Investor". As a trader, I track market movement daily and as an value investor, I am always on the lookout for cheap bargain to hold for long term.

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