SAFRA Might Be Silently Taking $40 Away From You Yearly
By Consume Less Life  •  March 27, 2023
I was wondering why I didn’t receive my NS FIT and IPPT payment after 2 weeks so I went to check my bank account. I then realised that I actually received S$40 less than what I was supposed to. After doing more digging and research, the S$40 was automatically deducted directly from my IPPT incentive after passing my IPPT for the first time to automatically renew my SAFRA membership for a year. There were also no notifications or invoices sent to let me know that my membership has begun.  While doing my research, I have seen a few forum threads talking about this auto-deduction since 2011. For those that were lucky to come across those threads or are diligent readers of terms and conditions and managed to cancel the auto-renewal, good for you....
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By Consume Less Life
I am glad you arrived on this blog because you are interested in consuming less. The idea of Consume Less Life was born in Singapore, 15 September 2020. The primary purpose of this blog is to attempt to encourage you to consume less. Consuming less has multiple benefits such as saving money, saving the planet and keeping your life simple.

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