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Taking a calculated risk in my career
By Jeraldine Phneah Official Website  •  April 2, 2023
One of the major decisions I made last year to leave my previous job at a great company only after a few months to join is an israeli tech startup which has a cloud infrastructure optimization and automation SaaS platform. We were recently acquired by a bigger tech company from the USA. Making this move to leave a great company like Workato after only 10 months was a difficult one for me and what I would describe as a calculated risk. When it comes to taking risks and making important decisions, I will write an entire thesis to make sure my thinking is thorough and clear. Ultimately, our quality of life is also determined by the quality of our decisions as well. This doesn’t apply to my work but also in my personal life. Since I’ve completed an FY at, I decided to reflect and also share my thesis...
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By Jeraldine Phneah Official Website
Hi! I’m Jeraldine. I care about our generation and how we can achieve meaningful careers; save for dreams and lead meaningful lives.

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