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Why and how I help my parents make lasting power of attorneys (LPA)
By Heartland Boy  •  April 2, 2023
Photo credit: Debby Hudson/Unsplash It took a relative’s predicament (my uncle lost his mental capacity) that jolted me into making a Lasting Power of Attorney (‘LPA’) for my parents. For readers who have been following my blog for some time, you might vaguely remember that my father is as stubborn as an ox. Any topics pertaining to health and death are considered taboo and even bordering on the lack of filial piety. However, having witnessed his own brother’s household struggles, my dad finally softened his stance. I seized this rare and narrow window of opportunity to help both my parents make their respective LPAs. WHAT IS A LASTING POWER OF ATTORNEY (LPA) The Lasting Power of Attorney allows a person aged 21years and above (‘Donor’) to voluntarily appoint another person(s) (Donee) to make decisions and act on his/her behalf if the donor loses mental capacity one day. (Source: Ministry of Social and Family Development) For instance, it is common...
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By Heartland Boy
Heartland Boy is a young working adult who pretends to be competent in the real estate industry despite graduating with only a Business Management degree. Outside of work, he analyses stocks, reits and property for investment to build passive income. He is also a stickler for all things that represent value-for-money.

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