I bought a whole life insurance policy in 2013 which just matured, how did it do?
By Heartland Boy  •  April 9, 2023

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Back in early 2013, I was a first jobber who had just received my first few pay cheques. As typical of a Chinese household in an Asian society steeped in Confucian teachings, I was eager to start giving monthly allowances to my parents. Since this occurred a decade ago and with my recollection of it relatively hazy, maybe the correct version was that they constantly reminded me of my responsibility. Anyway, I am very careful when it comes to giving my parents money as my dad will squander them away in an instant. With my limited knowledge on personal finance then, I bought a limited pay whole life insurance policy for them on the advice of my insurance agent then. He was a friend of mine who had also graduated recently. Anyway, this life insurance policy had recently matured and I performed a review as I was curious to know how it had performed....
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By Heartland Boy
Heartland Boy is a young working adult who pretends to be competent in the real estate industry despite graduating with only a Business Management degree. Outside of work, he analyses stocks, reits and property for investment to build passive income. He is also a stickler for all things that represent value-for-money.

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