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The High Cost of College: How to Pay for Higher Education Without Going Broke
By Life is a journey  •  April 11, 2023
Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash
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Education is expensive.

I did a quick check online when I was planning for my kids’ education over the weekend (Really I was planning for my own retirement). It costs ~150K SGD a year for undergraduate in US or UK, which means more than half a million for an undergraduate degree!

And the fee is as of now. I can only imagine how much more it will cost in 12 years when my son is of age for university.

It is freaking expensive! And how much a fresh undergraduate needs to make to make this investment worthwhile?!

While I am willing and prepared to help my kids on their education, I know they need to bear part of it as well.

Let’s see how they can Pay for Higher Education Without Going Broke?!

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By Life is a journey
A white-collar and a father of 2, who would like to share his journey to Financial Freedom for both his own record keeping and hopefully inspiration for others on the same journey.

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