‘Deep’ Dive Analysis on a SG Micro Cap
By Investing Thoughts  •  April 20, 2023
Introduction (Cautionary Comments) My recent records on SGX Stocks has been disaster. So much so that i actually contemplated if i should ever buy into this counter that i have researched about. After some consideration, perhaps blinded by the need to overdrive and greed to achieve my targets, i have decided to throw the dice and gamble again by going back into sgx stocks. I can only do as much research the rest will have to leave it to fate and luck to decide my wealth.
Prior SGX Stocks Purchase Profit / Loss
HG Metal Loss (-7%)
Hotel Grand Loss (-0.51%)
Samudera Shipping Profit but Current Price higher than Sale Price
SUTL Enterprise Loss (-0.51%)
Therefore it is very important to consider the above before actually reading further. Company Introduction and Thesis The company that i will be sharing today is Ossia International (SGX: O08). The Thesis for the company is: Golden Hour Arrives but Storms are ahead. Is current price mispricing?...
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By Investing Thoughts
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