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You think you know about Software Testing and Quality Assurance?
By - Your Salary in Singapore  •  April 28, 2023
How Do Software Testing and Quality Assurance Work? Technically, software testing and quality assurance make certain that your software or application has met its quality standards and presets standards to fast track its public release to the market. During the development process, testing shall be carried out throughout not “waiting” until the production is over to get tested at the very end. Software quality assurance helps to define and enforce standards, processes and procedures to make sure that software development is consistent, efficient and effective. All bugs, malfunctions, defects, broken code lines shall be detected and fixed on the spot, to avoid heavy expenses, and its effect on the quality of the product later on while cutting product time extremely shorter, an effective working model overall. What Are the Benefits of Software Testing and Quality Assurance? A few highlighted benefits of software testing and software quality assurance worth mentioned are:
  • Software quality improvement: regular software testing ensures that
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By - Your Salary in Singapore
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