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供房贷:使用 CPF 还是用现金?
By Investment Stab  •  May 6, 2023
“我应该用 CPF 还是现金支付我每月的房贷?” 这可能是要买房的人们经常考虑的问题。 您应该选择哪个? 让我们来看看吧! 情境一:用现金支付房贷,把 CPF 里的钱留在 CPF 赚利息 这是最不常见新加坡人用来支房贷的方式。
  1. 当您将您的资金保留在 CPF OA 里,您可以赚取 CPF OA 的利息(2.5% + 1%)。
  2. 使用现金支付房贷款也不会产生 accrued interest。
  3. 但用此方式付房贷,您的流动现金会减少。因此不建议大多数人这样做
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By Investment Stab
We are a group of Singaporean students who are curious and interested in Finance. As we dive deeper into this area in search of more knowledge, the more debates and differences we have. We also realised that financial literacy is not strongly inculcated in the younger generations, leading to numerous costly mistakes. Some of such includes believing in "high profiting" scams such as land banking and buying unnecessary investment schemes which are often motivated by the salesperson's personal interest ...

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