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Understanding Intestacy: What Happens When You Die Without Will
By SG Money Matters  •  May 12, 2023
Picture this: you’ve worked hard your entire life, accumulating assets and building a legacy. But what if, upon your passing, certain assets are left out of the will? These assets will fall into intestacy. In Singapore, The Intestate Succession Act (Cap. 146) applies in these situations. According to the law, regardless of what the person (non-Muslim) may have intended, the remaining assets will be distributed as below: If you do not have a will, the law decides how your assets are distributed, even if the consequences may seem unfair and undesirable. So what to do if you want to decide how to distribute your assets? You need to write a will. Why does a Will matter to you? It’s crucial to understand the consequences of intestacy to ensure your hard-earned assets are distributed according to your wishes. Dying intestate can lead to undesired consequences, including disputes among family members and distributing assets against your wishes....
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By SG Money Matters
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