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Analyzing 5 Key Sectors and Indicators for Economic Insights
By Jeff Sun Trading  •  May 14, 2023
The current month has presented a challenging environment for executing breakout trades. The prevalence of frequent intraday whipsaw movements has made it difficult to effectively carry trades forward. Throughout history, these five sectors (a combination of 64% in $SPY weighting) have consistently demonstrated a higher frequency of breakout opportunities. Therefore, it is crucial to ascertain our current position by reviewing these sectors. I will arrange them in the order of their current RS ratings (strength level) and post them accordingly. Additionally, I will also include my routine of simple excel tabulation with monthly ISM Manufacturing PMI’s report and a key industry group that is closely monitored by economists, investors, policymakers and a renowned hedge fund manager. Both of these resource serve as leading indicators that offer valuable insights into the overall direction and well-being of the broader economy.
  1. $XLK– Technology (26% Weighting in $SPY)
At present, the SPDR sector exhibiting the highest strength among the eleven sectors is +34%...
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By Jeff Sun Trading
Jeff Sun is a independent trader, an accredited investor (Securities and Futures Act, Singapore), and an avid private/public equity real estate, and specialist builder engineering firms investor, with Certified Financial Technician (CFTe) accreditation by the International Federation of Technical Analyst; and graduand of (with distinction) Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management.

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