$1 Million Retirement Portfolio: Dividends Vs ETFs
By My 15 Hour Work Week  •  May 23, 2023
This is a theoretical exercise, since I do not have $1m in liquid assets right now and I am also not looking to retire anytime soon. However, by the time I turn 50, it would be good to have $1m or even $2m to supplement whatever active income the household is still making. So these two portfolios that I built below will also be a good dry run to see if the Dividends or ETF way is more suitable when the time comes to actually implement them. Here are some of the assumptions/parameters that I have used:
  • 80/20 portfolio built for someone who just turned 50
  • 3.5% initial withdrawal rate. $35k in May each year set aside for expenses.
  • Withdrawal amount will increase by 10% every 3 years to account for inflation
  • $200k in CPF accounts that will be partially liquid at 55/65 years old respectively
  • Fully paid-off home
Personally, I do believe age 50 is still a relatively young age to retire....
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By My 15 Hour Work Week
Hi, I am Thomas (a.k.a. Mr 15HWW) and I am in my early thirties. Very happily married (very strong emphasis here), I am the co-writer behind this blog. The other permanent writer is my wife Jasmine who has written two blog post so far (good luck searching for it here). But well, her contribution goes far and deep since she thinks she is actually the mastermind behind the rest of the other post ...

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