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Delfi: How this Tiny 4% Dividend Grower is Bullying the Market
By Dividend Titan  •  June 5, 2023
This is what you need to know about Delfi, a turnaround story that's starting to pay growing dividends over the last 6 years. Delfi shares is probably one of the worst performers on SGX. Shares have plunged over 68% since 2015. At one point, it reached a low 67 cents per share. Yet, Delfi bullies Indonesia’s chocolate confectionary market. Somewhat like this other Singapore dividend grower. At just S$850 million, Delfi is Indonesia’s biggest chocolate maker – dominating a 45% market share. Tough competition — but a strong tailwind for Delfi Indonesia’s chocolate market is highly fragmented. And very hard to break in.  Trending What I Like About Mapletree Industrial Trust’s 6% Dividend Yield Big giants like Nestle, even Ferrero, have tried for years but found it tough to fight in the narrow alley against local players, like Delfi....
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By Dividend Titan
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