Market Diary & Playbook ($PYXS, $IMGN, $MRSN, $NA and more)
By Jeff Sun Trading  •  June 5, 2023
Market continued its thrust in June as all major indexes closed with sizable gains. Note that more money are rotated into value areas that has been left out of recent rally as value outperformed growth at all levels. Some significance in friday’s close that could support a sustained rally going forward, 1) $RSP +2.18% broke out of 5 months downtrend line at highest volume YTD, 2) $IWM +3.63% broke out of 4 months box range, 3) Spike up in short term breath with $MMTW crossing above 50% bullish bias threshold since 17/5. Thanks for reading. PS: If you enjoy the above curated article, you may follow me on twitter (@jfsnrf) to get daily market diary, trading ideas and intermittent reflection on life as a trader.

3/6/2023 Market Diary,

1. Market continue its thrust as all major indexes closed with sizable gains but more money are rotated into value areas that has
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By Jeff Sun Trading
Jeff Sun is a independent trader, an accredited investor (Securities and Futures Act, Singapore), and an avid private/public equity real estate, and specialist builder engineering firms investor, with Certified Financial Technician (CFTe) accreditation by the International Federation of Technical Analyst; and graduand of (with distinction) Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management.

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