May2023 Finance update – Monthly Dividend/Interest received $6.9K
By GlobalPassiveIncome  •  June 7, 2023
May2023 Dividend/Interest received from my investment account is about SGD $6.9k. This is slightly lower compare to May2022 due to a dividend stock that has its dividend slashed to almost zero.  Portfolio YTD gain including dividend has collapsed to 0.7% and this is much worst than April as all my three main portfolio in HKSE, S-Reit and LSE are crashing due to many dividend stocks going ex-date , US debt ceiling uncertainty and dismal China PMI report on the last day of  May.  

Trade in May.
I sold off First Pacific at a good gain but cut loss on DigitalCore DC reit. I have increased my LSE portfolio by adding idap.l etf  ,BATS and IMB. I have bought a new small stake in Swire Pacific B I have also subscribed 9.5k of KIT due to a right issue.  Previously, I have been sitting a huge amount of cash in

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By GlobalPassiveIncome
Started fixed income investing with the aim of collecting consistent dividend and interest monthly while protecting my principle capital. I invested mainly in reits ( local and overseas), MLP (overseas) , US bonds and preferred stock (or perpetual shares). For my overseas investment, I spend quite some time researching securities that will avoid withholding tax. Currently achieved 62K annual dividends and interest. My target is to achieve SGD100K or USD75K passive income before I retire in my early 50s.

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