Portfolio Transactions (May 2023)
By Azrael's Financial Cents  •  June 10, 2023

Updates for my Portfolio for May 2023

Recently at my work, it was announced that my company would be selling off their largest manufacturing plant (the largest in the world) as they do not foresee they are able to utilise the capacity in the near future. Quite concerning as this means that the projected pipeline and demand is really impacted. Really need to find ways to have other streams of income.For my side project, I am currently sourcing another component now that it can proceed further. I also would probably be upscaling soon.
Buy Intel at 29.8982
Reasons/NotesThis is actually a punt from an area of my interest (CPUs and GPUs), where I feel that this is around the point where Intel should be bottoming out from their issues and should turnaround from here onwards. However, Intel seems to be betting everything on a specific goal, so
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By Azrael's Financial Cents
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